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.NET diagnostics

(based on
.NET debugger in a single picture
WinDbg & LLDB cheatsheet for .NET

.NET async

(based on
.NET async in a single picture
Deadlock and ConfigureAwait

.NET memory

(based on
.NET memory - memory layout
.NET memory - GC modes and phases
.NET memory - GC generations

SDRAM Anatomy Poster (A3 format printable PDF)

.NET GC Tips & Tricks series slides (printable PDF)

(based on .NET GC Tips & Tricks series on YouTube)
Episode 01.

.NET GC Internals series slides (printable PDF)

(based on .NET GC Internals series on YouTube)
01. Introduction
02. Mark phase
03. Concurrent Mark
04. Plan phase
05. Sweep phase
06. Compact phase
07. Allocations
08. Generations
09. Roots

.NET in Pictures (downloadable ZIP files)

(based on .NET in Pictures)
Add elements to List<T>

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